måndag 25 november 2013

Bokliga julklappstips - 11

Beskrivning från Adlibris:
""Like Farts: A Spotter's Guide", this is a sound book. The concept is that it teaches you how to speak zombie and treats it as though it is like any other foreign language you might want (in this case, NEED) to know how to speak, now that you are surrounded by zombies. The book will feature 9-10 different day-in-the-life scenarios for situations in which you might need to speak zombie and gives different intonations for zombie sounds, including a large Brains button that you can hit if you panic. Brains is an all-purpose zombie phrase, and it'll get you out of any tight situation. The scenarios suggest a world now overrun by zombies, but kind of now carrying as before except that everyone's a zombie (except you and a few others); so you might want to order a latte from a zombie barista, but if you don't say it correctly, they'll know you're not a zombie and try to eat you. Hence the need for this book. Other scenarios include how to blend in at sporting events, a day at the office, shopping at the mall, an afternoon at the dog park, and more."

Min kommentar:
Jag har tipsat om en överlevnadsbok om zombierna kommer, om hur man överlever första tiden som zombie och här kommer en om hur man pratar zombie. Den är komplett med ljud och allt!
(Det finns en motsvarande för Star Wars, hur man lär sig prata Wookie ;) )
Kommer någon att få en zombie-inspirerad julklapp nu? ;)

Finns hos Bokus, CDON och Adlibris.

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